BREAKING NEWS: The Tweet About BRT Falling Off Third Mainland Bridge Is A Hoax (UPDATE)


It was earlier reported that a recent Twitter post from @FRSCnigeria revealed that a BRT Bus filled with passengers fell into the Lagos Lagoon.


The tweet has now been taken off the FRSC Twitter page.

Several witnesses on or around the bridge have claimed the story is false.

According to recent twitter updates, FRSC spokesman, Jonas Agwu, says@FRSCNigeria tweet about BRT falling off 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos is a “hoax”.

Jon Gamprell, the chief correspondent in Nigeria for The Associated Press, also tweeted: An @AP team just twice traveled the length of Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge. There is no crashed bus in the Lagos Lagoon


A few minutes ago, the FRSC posted this on their official Facebook and twitter page.










All efforts to reach FRSC officials have proved abortive and we are just left to wonder what exactly is going on.

Further details would be revealed as soon as they are made available.

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