Real Sociedad deserved victory yesterday


Real Sociedad. It’s a name that does not light up when La Liga is mentioned. But on saturday, this club showed that with determination you can achieve even the impossible. Nobody was expecting Barcelona to lose after they had gone two goals up and hit the post twice; all in the first half; but they did lose, and Real Sociedad were the perpetrators. 

Barcelona had gone 19 games unbeaten going into this match and it was going to be business as usual. It was business as usual anyway, until Gerard Pique got that red card and Fabregas, who was having a good game was substituted. From then on the tide rolled in favour of Real Sociedad. Wave after wave of corner kicks resulted in the second goal before Barca’s heart was broken in the closing stages of the match.

All in all, even as a devoted Barca fan, i think Sociedad deserved to win. Hala Sociedad!!!

This is what football should be.

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