Word on the Tweet: Messi doesn’t have to prove anything, says Lineker

The former Barcelona and England striker insists the Argentine would walk England’s top flight and claims the Champions League is the appropriate competition to measure the forward


For every bit of genius Lionel Messi pulls out of his bottomless bag, there’s always someone to challenge the Barcelona forward to replicate his displays on a wet and windy evening in the Premier League.

But former Barcelona, Tottenham and England striker Gary Lineker has had enough of those who are challenging the Argentina ace to take the plunge and ply his trade in the English top flight.

Elsewhere, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville doesn’t rate Arsenal’s chances against Bayern Munich, while Joey Barton lines up an alternative career.

Read on for all this and more in Goal.com’s latest offering of Word on the Tweet.

“Please refrain from saying Messi has to do it in the PL to prove himself. He doesn’t. The CL is the ultimate club comp.”

Gary Lineker hits out at Lionel Messi’s critics.

“If he was in the PL he’d be the best player by a distance. Only genuine argument is the World Cup. Messi will be the same age next year as Maradona was in 86. I sense his moment will come.”

The former Barcelona, Tottenham and England striker offers further backing for the Argentina ace.

“For all those asking, I am a 6 handicapper. Been off 6 for 8 years now. Was down to 5 for a year. Aim to get to scratch one day… #golf”

Marseile midfielder Joey Barton lines up his future career after he hangs up his boots.

“Am I wasting my time thinking that anything might make this an interesting game tonight? Just on my way to Munich for the match!”

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville doesn’t fancy Arsenal’s chances against Bayern Munich.

“Amazing what reaction a pair of glasses has on twitter!”

ITV pundit Lee Dixon on the trendy glasses he sported at Camp Nou.

“Paolo Di Canio would be a great choice as Pope. #smoking”

Lineker offers his take on the papal elections.

“Hate blood tests”

Who doesn’t, Luke Shaw?



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