Mourinho: My future does not depend on La Decima

The self styled special one is trying to let us understand that his future is not dependent on whether he wins the Champions League or not this season.


We all know Mourinho well enough to say that he might be moving on if he wins that tenth title; you know why? Because Barcelona is too much for him to contain; the Portuguese coach probably hasn’t gotten the type of success in Spain as he did in the countries where he has worked and he wouldn’t want to start next season here in Spain.

Barcelona are not finished yet and they are ready to inflict even more pain on the capital club; thing is Mourinho is just trying to save his head from another long and arduous season competing with Barcelona.

So off he will go to maybe England where he know he rules the roost at least. The statistics are there for all to see; Barca just didn’t allow Mourinho breathe well.

Even if he wins or doesn’t win, i don’t see Mourinho staying in Spain for another season. He’ll probably age even more faster.


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