Barcelona without Messi


Barcelona still haven’t solved the ‘Messi’ problem as shown by the match against Celtic yesterday.

Admittedly, Celtic played defensively throughout and looked to hit Barca on the counter but Barca knew it was going to be like this; so what plan was put in place to play in the absence of Messi? None.

Without Messi Barca seem to struggle and this showed again yesterday as Barca only got their play right towards the end of the match after Bhoys skipper Scott Brown was sent off for a tackle on Neymar; a controversial call from the referee. This way of winning ‘tough’ matches where the opposition stays behind the ball for 90mins probably won’t help Barca in the closing stages of this competition as teams will become more confident and determined to reach the final at their expense.

Neymar was supposed to take the mantle in this fixture but only showed flashes of his briliance without really aiming for goal; not a a fault of his anyway.

Cesc Fabregas settled matters late on with a brilliant header but the road won’t be rosy in the long run.

Barca seriously needs a plan B.

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