Arevalo: Everyone wanted Uruguay out of the World Cup

The midfielder has stressed his belief that his nation were the victims of a vendetta against them in the wake of their 2-0 loss to Colombia at the Maracana


Uruguay midfielder Arevalo Rios believes that “everyone” wanted his nation out of the World Cup, following their 2-0 round of 16 loss to Uruguay at the Maracana.

A double from James Rodriguez ended Uruguay’s controversial tournament, after they were forced to make do without Luis Suarez, due to the four-month ban from football imposed on him for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini coming into effect.

A goal in either half sealed their fate, but Rios reckons that his side have been victimised from all quarters throughout the event.

He told Uruguayan TV: “We had to fight against everyone. And when I say everyone, we were against everyone. Since the World Cup draw, we know they wanted us out of the World Cup.

“This group showed that we won’t stop fighting when things become harder and harder. We had two victories against big teams in the world and we did everything



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