Brazilian helicopter caught spying on Chile training

Thursday’s session was halted by coach Jorge Sampaoli to stop the hosts’ national broadcaster from transmitting live images of their preparations for Saturday’s last-16 clash


Chile’s training session on Thursday was brought to a temporary standstill after a helicopter belonging to a Brazilian television station was caught spying on the team’s practice just outside Belo Horizonte.

The South Americans are preparing to face Brazil in the last 16 of the World Cup at the Estadio Mineirao on Saturday and the helicopter was transmitting live images from above to the nation’s largest broadcaster, TV Globo.

Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli quickly called a halt to the session until the helicopter was ushered away from local side Cruzeiro’s training centre at Toca da Raposa.

Training then resumed after a short break, but the session ultimately overran by around 50 minutes, with journalists forced to wait outside on the street.

“It didn’t bother us,” wing-back Mauricio Isla told reporters at the press conference after training, which started late partly due to the unexpected intruder. “But our coach was worried they might see our moves and how we are preparing for the match.”

And he joked: “We tried to hit it [the helicopter] with the balls but we weren’t able to!”


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