Barcelona will always be bigger than Bayern, says Cruyff

The iconic Dutchman says his former club are a bigger global draw than the Bavarians, while he also believes Pep Guardiola is a better coach than Jose Mourinho

Barcelona will always be bigger than Bayern, says Cruyff

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff feels the Catalans will always be a bigger team than Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

Bayern and Barcelona have been two of the dominant forces of European football in recent years, with Bayern reaching three Champions League finals in the past five seasons, yet Cruyff believes the Camp Nou side will always be the bigger draw.

“Globally, Barcelona are a bigger club than Bayern Munich,” the former Blaugrana player and coach was quoted as saying by Bild.

“In South America for example, everybody is watching the Primera Division. Barcelona are much bigger than Bayern over there and that will always be the case.”

Former Bayern star Franz Beckenbauer has backed the Dutchman’s opinion as he feels Barcelona have a greater history than the Bundesliga champions.

“I agree with Cruyff,” the German admitted. “Barcelona are traditionally a leading team worldwide. Barcelona already had some legendary teams back in the 30s and 40s. Bayern only really came to the fore from 1965 on.”

Cruyff then argued that current Bayern boss Pep Guardiola is a better coach than Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

“Pep’s ability to turn a con into a pro is typical for him as a coach,” the Ajax legend stated. “He is one of the best coaches in the world for me.

“I have no doubt about it that Pep is better than Mourinho. Pep’s aim is to improve football and get his team to the next level.

“Unlike Mourinho, he played in front of 100,000 fans. The game in general is important to him. For Mourinho, all that matters is his team, his qualities and his mentality.”


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