Naismith hails Eto’o impact at Everton

Everton attacker Steven Naismith has hailed the impact of summer arrival Samuel Eto’o

The Scotland international has thrived since Roberto Martinez has been at Goodison Park and he produced another accomplished display against Lille on Thursday, scoring the final goal in a 3-0 win.

Eto’o has made a big impression on Everton’s squad, most notably with how he approaches training every day, and Naismith says he and Romelu Lukaku are certainly feeling the benefits.

Naismith said: “The two of them work closely in training and so every day he is seeing him, the way he moves, and seeing where he takes his touches and it is definitely going to help him.

“It is not as if they go and do specific things together, it is just general, off – the – cuff stuff that Samuel does that Rom will be catching onto and hopefully taking into his game.

“But without a doubt it does help watching someone like Samuel. It’s not like you are sitting down chatting to him and analysing the whole way he has played throughout his career.

“It’s just watching what they do on a day-to-day basis. There might be some sessions when Samuel is scoring a lot of goals, so you are picking up on how he is getting into the positions to score those goals.”


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