United Fans: Arsenal please give us Jack Wilshere!!!

That’s the message to any Arsenal fans who don’t appreciate the midfielder. Plus, plenty on everyone’s current favourite football club chairman and a wee question about fandom…

We’d Take Wilshere At United

In the last year Wilshere hasn’t looked that special, but prior to that he was indeed someone with an exceptional pass and with exceptional vision. That pass to the Ox wasn’t just luck. Pushed further forwards he’s under the physical pressure you mention (and in the last year has developed the habit of falling to the ground to protect himself from another injury rather than just stand up and ride the challenge), but lying deeper he has more time to pick a pass, or draw a player on to him.

Yes, he needs a foil to do the dirty work (because that’s NOT the job of the deep lying mid), but just like Xavi and Pirlo, he can make himself space with a few neat touches or pass-and-move, and open a defence with a single pass. Like Carrick but with pace and a turning circle under 10 yards. And unlike all three, he has the ability to beat a man and drive forwards with the ball at pace. Playing deep gives you more space, more time, more possession of the ball. I drool a little at the thought that we might have him as puppet-master-in-chief for England for the next 10 years. We’ve been needing someone like that for ages. Since before Lampard and Gerrard failing to gel became a thing.

I get that he’s not done it recently for Arsenal, but there are a million other reasons for that rather than him lacking the required ability. Pair him with Ramsey, who offers a different kind of threat, and you have a very interesting midfield, with options for a pass and a goal from everywhere. Of course, you’d need to improve the defence, but that’s a given anyway.

If you don’t want him, I’m sure we can find a space. You can have Carrick in return. He can tackle apparently. We’ll throw in Smalling too.


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