DC Comics challenge Valencia over ‘Batman’ crest

According to the American publisher, the Spanish side’s latest logo is too similar to images they own related to ‘The Caped Crusader’

DC Comics challenge Valencia over 'Batman' crest

DC Comics, the creators of the famous superhero ‘Batman’, are locked in a trademark battle with Valencia over the Liga club’s new crest.

A bat has been a part of the Spanish side’s badge since their foundation in 1919.

However, DC Comics believe that Valencia’s latest logo infringes upon copyright laws related to two of their previously registered Batman-related symbols.

Consequently, the American publishing company lodged an official complaint with the European Union’s trademark authorities.

Indeed, BBC Sport is reporting that DC Comics submitted an 11-page opposition document in May of last year.

Valencia’s association with the bat reportedly dates back to the 13th century, when it was reclaimed by King James I of Aragon.

According to legend, when the monarch was about to re-enter the city, a bat landed on the top of his flag.

Viewing this as a good omen, King James allegedly decided to incorporate the image of a bat into his coat of arms.


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