Been a while, Chicharito

Among all the members of the Real Madrid squad, the case of Javier Hernández, aka Chicharito, really stands out – a quality player who is hardly getting any game time this season, despite staying injury free.
Been a while, Chicharito

The Mexican has clocked up a total of 320 minutes so far this campaign, a figure which is a long way from his expectations when he arrived at the Madrilenian club.

At Valdebebas they say that he is a cheerful, optimistic person and that in his first few weeks at Real Madrid he brought real enthusiasm to the team, but that his smile has been slowly getting thinner as time passes him by.

The striker was convinced that his adventure at Real Madrid would be a success, but the lack of game time is beginning to have an effect on his state of mind. Complaining or letting his head drop don’t cross his mind, that’s not his style, but it can’t be said that he’s happy with his position in the team.

Chicharito knew what he was coming to. He came on loan to be a backup for Benzema, although his ambition was to be a key part of the team. Perhaps to be player number 12, the super sub in games that were stalling, the first change when they’re winning by a few. The reality is a long way from the idea he had in mind.

Chicharito’s frustration is based upon the way Ancelotti is sharing out the minutes. The feeling is that everyone gets a chance except for him, to the point where even Keylor Navas has had more minutes than he has.


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