Neymar Sr. shows Barça the money

The company N&N, whose owner is none other than Neymar’s father, has just achieved a sponsorship deal with Barcelona.

Neymar Sr. shows Barça the money

The sponsor is Tenys Pé, which will pay a total of 440,000 euros to the club in return for image rights. The contract is by no means one of the biggest that the Catalan club has signed, but it is nevertheless of great importance.

This importance is more legal than financial, as it shows that the company N&N, with whom Barcelona signed a sponsorship deal for 4 million euros (800,000 euros over five seasons), is carrying out its remit of searching for companies that may wish to associate their brand with the Barça image. The deal shows that the N&N agreement was not just an instrument to cover up the player’s astronomical signing figure.

Tenys Pé is a foot care company and is at present one of Neymar’s sponsors. The company has now extended its connections to the club itself, as the newspaper Ara revealed yesterday. The Barça Board of Directors was informed of this deal some days ago, as well as the possibility of other sposorship deals that N&N are presently working on.

The sponsorship and scouting contracts were the subject of great suspicion during all the furor over Neymar’s contract. None of them contained specific objectives or commitments for N&N, while it received substantial payments.


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