Forlan: Man Utd must do more to support Falcao

Former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan has sympathy for Radamel Falcao over his problems at Old Trafford.


Forlan believes Falcao has been put under too much pressure to perform since returning from his knee injury.

“There was pressure on him to make it back for the World Cup last summer with Colombia,” Forlan said in his column in The Nation. “Maybe too much, it was unrealistic.

“Falcao had played very little football when he signed for Manchester United, the world’s greatest football club.

“Because Falcao had built this huge reputation and because he was earning a lot of money, great things were expected, but it was never going to be straightforward.

“Nobody comes back from a serious injury and is the same after a month or even three months. Psychologically, you need to build your confidence back up and you hope there are no complications. Even in a settled side it’s hard.”


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