Gabi slams ‘irritating’ Neymar

The midfielder was dismissed during Wednesday night’s loss against Barca and has criticised the Brazilian’s provocative behaviour on the field

Gabi slams ‘irritating’ Neymar

Atletico Madrid ace Gabi has hit out at the attitude of Barcelona attacker Neymar.

The 31-year-old midfielder was one of two Atleti players dismissed in an all-tempered affair at Vicente Calderon, which the Catalans won 3-2 to secure a berth in the Copa del Rey semi-finals thanks to a 4-2 aggregate triumph.

Gabi was sent off during the half-time interval following a spat with the Brazil striker and criticised his opponent’s on-field behaviour after the match.

“He’s got an odd way of playing, particularly when he’s winning,” the former Spain Under-21 man told the media.

“He’s always making gestures on the field, especially when he’s in front. Nobody likes to lose and these things irritate you.”

Meanwhile, the Atletico man has protested that he was harshly dealt with regarding his red card, which came in the wake of the home side being denied a penalty when Antoine Griezmann’s shot was blocked by Jordi Alba’s arm. To compound their frustration, Barcelona broke up the field immediately and scored through Neymar.

“I said: ‘It was a penalty and a red card.’ That was my disrespect, according to [the referee]. I’m sorry for my team.

“I think the referee has to have much more personality and more respect for the players.

“We are all wrong sometimes. To be just, acknowledge your mistakes.”

Barcelona will now go on and meet Getafe or Villarreal


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