Man City’s Nasri blasts Tottenham’s Lloris, France boss Deschamps

Samir Nasri has spoken out about his omission from France’s 2014 World Cup squad.


The Manchester City midfielder was left out of the Les Bleus group by manager Didier Deschamps for last summer’s Brazil tournament and the wounds still have not healed according to comments he made to L’Equipe.

When asked what he thought of Deschamps, the now internationally retired Nasri responded with: “Joker!”

“I would tell him he is a hypocrite. And he should act like a man and take responsibilities for his decisions and say to me: ‘Listen, it is like this, you are not coming, tough luck’.

“At least have a discussion like a man.”

And Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris, who captains France, wasn’t safe either with Nasri also tucking into him over a reported move to have Nasri dropped late in 2013.

“I have already asked for his side of the story,” he said. “I called him and he told me it wasn’t true.

“If I had confirmation, maybe I would not shake his hand, I don’t know. There is no smoke without fire.”


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