Messi and Luis Enrique make peace

The star player and the coach still don’t enjoy a close relationship but they have agreed to put their differences aside for the greater good of Barcelona

Messi and Luis Enrique make peace

Lionel Messi and Luis Enrique have called a truce following their well-documented spat last month in an attempt to boost Barcelona’ s chances of success this season.

While their relationship is still frosty, the pair have agreed to put their differences aside in the interests of the club.

Messi and Luis Enrique were involved in an explosive falling out at the start of January when the Argentine returned from his extended Christmas break and started from the bench for the defeat at Real Sociedad.

The forward then missed training the next day – leading to a highly-publicised power struggle beginning to emerge and talk that either Messi or Luis Enrique would leave the club.

Since the defeat to Real Sociedad, Barcelona have embarked on a 11-match winning run and Messi admitted earlier this week that “something changed” following the loss at Anoeta.

What changed was that Messi and Luis Enrique – while still not maintaining a close relationship – now enjoy a professional relationship. The pair called a truce in order to not let their problems affect the team and the results have been spectacular.

The Barcelona coach continues to be very secretive about exactly what changed. At this week’s press conference, four questions were asked about him and Messi but he dodged each one with sighs, smiles and silences.

Luis Enrique knows from discussions with Messi and the club that the player would never be sacrificed to save the coach. In fact, the board unanimously support Messi over Luis Enrique. The ex-Roma boss has thus agreed to a ceasefire with Messi for at least the duration of the season.

Barcelona fans are hoping that the truce is not broken any time soon as the club continues to fight on three fronts in La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.


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