Barcelona players ‘baffled and confused’ by Enrique tactics

Barcelona players were left baffled by coach Luis Enrique’s substitutions for defeat to Malaga.


Sport says Enrique’s hooking of Daniel Alves, who was to blame for Malaga‘s winner, for Javier Mascherano shocked senior players.

Gerard Pique was spotted during the second-half questioning Enrique’s tactics after the coach had told his players at the break: “We must have more patience, more ball movement, more fluency and open things up on the wings”.

The choice of Mascherano for Alves worked against such a strategy and a dressing room source stated afterwards: “It was like we spent 25 minutes not playing at all.”

Stunningly, Enrique did not speak to his players yesterday – in a week when Barca resume their Champions League campaign against Manchester City.

For the moment, however, the Barca locker room remains united, with senior players describing the home defeat as an “accident”.


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